Turn your data into

actionable stories

your workflow

Connect to Sales, Marketing and Support apps
Understand your business and take action in seconds

Connect to Sales, Marketing and Support apps, then get instant answers and take action with AI

HappyLoop integrates with your favourite tools like:

Actionable insights for Revenue Teams

your productivity

In 3 easy steps, get clear insights you can action immediately for Sales, Marketing & Support. Let HappyLoop analyze and optimize your business.


Integrate & Go. Effortlessly connect HappyLoop with your daily CRMs, ticketing systems, databases, and REST APIs.


Your wish is its command. Ask HappyLoop questions and receive immediate, insightful answers about your business data.

Get Things Done

Let AI do the work. Instantly complete tasks for your connected tools via HappyLoop's chat and Chrome extension.

Ask questions.

Get answers.

Act instantly

with AI.

Request data from any platform, deploy specific and complex tasks, and generate valuable reports by combining information from all your marketing, sales, or project management tools. Everything is possible; just ask HappyLoop for what you need.

You own your


Full control.

You have full control over your data and information. Assign roles and grant permissions to your team based on your needs and organization.


You Can


Your data stays yours. HappyLoop connects directly to your chosen platforms ensuring your information is secure. Use our tool with confidence and peace of mind. Read more

Actionable data in one place.

Made for Humans with AI.

Actionable data in once place.

You are wasting hundreds of hours because your business data is spread out in too many places. HappyLoop connects to your business apps and organizes the data to answer questions and run tasks in seconds.